Pals of the Pightle

Did you know that the Pightle is run by a small group of volunteers for the benefit of the community? The Council do not own the Pightle, and while they provide grants for specific projects, they do not fund the ongoing upkeep. Maintenance work, including maintaining the footpaths, and hedge and tree planting, is being carried out by volunteers. Bulbs are purchased and planted by several local residents for our benefit as are many of the celebration trees.

Can you help by becoming a Pal of the Pightle?

If you use the Pightle, or just want to help keep it for posterity then here is your chance to support the Trust and volunteers! The Trustees desperately need funds to pay for such items as insurance, mowing the grass in late spring and early autumn, cutting back the grass on the pathways, replacing and renewing bird and bat boxes, trimming dead or dying trees, and a hundred and one other jobs. The Trustees need a minimum of £1500 a year just to cover basic costs.


We're always grateful for practical assistance and would love to hear from you if you'd like to be involved. Specific project days are advertised from time to time, and there are regular jobs like mowing the paths and tidying up overgrowth.

In addition, we fundraise regularly at local events with our Splat The Rat and Mousetrap Minefield games - we can always make room for one more on the stall!

Download a Pal of the Pightle form here

A one-off donation or a small regular contribution would be of great benefit for the long-term success of the Pightle. If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider Gift Aiding your contribution so that we can claim an additional 28% back from the government!